Essence of the Island

Hand Blended Spices for your Culinary Pleasure

We are excited to launch Essence of the Island as a separate enterprise in January 2015 at the Qualicum Beach Farmers Market.

Our hand-crafted spice blends are thoughtfully designed to our own recipes so that you can fully appreciate each delicious & interesting flavour.

Created to spark your culinary imagination and tickle your taste buds. As with all of our Artisan products, our hand-blended spices are fresh and flavourful & so very versatile.

We take our inspiration from European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures and invite you to go on a culinary adventure around the world. Feed your senses with the colours, scents & textures of our unique, imaginative spices.

Taste of Tuscany - Memories of an Italian Summer

Sicilian Heat - Italian Spices with Attitude!

Glorious Greek - the Goddess of Gourmet Food

Taste of Provence - Wander through a French Meadow

Garlic & Chilli - Aromatic & Hot….. Just add food!

Hot Pink - Salt & Pepper with a twist

Dolce Delight - for Delectable, Delicious Desserts

Berry Fruity - a Trio of Berries bursting with flavour

Mint Mocha - Chocolate & Coffee Heaven

Lemon Affair - a Citrus Lover’s Dream

More unique spice blends & spice related products coming soon!

All of our herbs and spices are food grade and although they grow naturally around the world, we source them as locally as possible. We blend the spices in small batches and do not use any unnatural ingredients. 


We are often asked “what do you do with them?” The answer is “simply season anything you want from your breakfast eggs or lunchtime soup, to your favourite supper … but here are a few more ideas to tickle your taste buds!

Simply sprinkle into a bowl, dip some of our focaccia bread into some Extra Virgin Olive Oil then dip into the spices……. Simply delicious!

Use any of them (even the sweet blends) as a dry rub for meat & fish or mix with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a paste, then roast or BBQ, or our favourite - use a tagine!

Sprinkle on potato wedges or root vegetables and roast or BBQ.

Season rice, couscous, quinoa, pasta, mashed potato or potato salad, stir frys - hot dishes or cold salads.

Sensational Salads - toss a green salad in oil & vinegar, sprinkle on any spice blend and toss again! Our sweet blends are also delicious on a fresh fruit salad, especially when the fruit has been coated in one of our white balsamic vinegar infusions!

Make flavourful spreads & dips - mix with Greek Yoghurt, Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, a good Mayonnaise or a combination.

Sweet Desserts & Baking - rub our sweet blends onto fruit (apples, pears, peaches, plums etc.) and bake in oven or BBQ……. Sprinkle onto waffles, pancakes, puff pastry, crumbles, Greek yoghurt, whipped cream or ice cream…. Use to add flavour to sweet or savoury cakes & breads...

…….. the possibilities are endless!

All of our unique blends come in a Glass Spice Grinder or a refill sleeve (containing approximately one and a half times the amount of spice) for $10 or mix and match 3 for $27. We use our own Spice Blends to season our unique Hey Presto and to flavour some of our artisan Focaccia breads.

Our spices are also available in our
Perfect Italian Pantry Hampers


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