All of our savoury products use white balsamic vinegar as one of the base ingredients. We pride ourselves on creating artisan products that spark your culinary imagination, fulfill your taste buds and are so very versatile.

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Hey Presto!

This product is our own invention….. a combination of the many flavours of the Mediterranean that we enjoy - Roasted Peppers, Artichokes, Eggplants, Olives & so much more ……. all in one spoonful!

We developed this complementary product in response to our customers who use our focaccia as a fresh pizza base. Whilst it is “perfect for pizza”, it is simply delicious with crackers & cheese, makes a Mediterranean-style pasta sauce, or a colourful topping for bruschetta or canapés. We also enjoy it for breakfast as a Spanish omelette and some of our customers have used it as a flavourful base for soups. As with all of our products, the culinary possibilities are endless!

Hey Presto! is available in a 110ml Jar for $7, 190ml Jar for $10 and 290ml Jar for $15.

Italian-style Tapenades

Unlike tapenades that contain solely olives, ours are cut with either artichokes or mushrooms. This perfectly balanced blend of flavours means that they are equally enjoyable for olive lovers and those who don’t like too strong an olive flavour. Also, because they are quite creamy, they are most versatile……. use as a typical tapenade to make bruschetta, but also enjoy mixed through some cooked rice to make a quick risotto-style dish or as a pasta dressing. Enjoy as an alternative to tomato sauce on a pizza base, or mix with some sour cream or yogurt to make a quick and easy dip for vegetables.

We currently have two tapenades:

Spanish Manzanilla Olive with Artichoke Hearts

Greek Kalamata Olive with mushrooms


Gourmet Sauces

Also made with roasted peppers, these sauces are sweetened with home-made fruit molasses - mango, apple or pomegranate - which is then balanced with white balsamic vinegar and seasoned with five individual spices.

These versatile gourmet sauces are available in three flavours:

Peppery Pomegranate Pomegranate molasses is traditionally used in Middle Eastern cuisine. When paired with roasted red peppers and spiced with smoked paprika and cayenne it has a delicious sweet warmth that is perfect as a marinade for red meats, as a sauce for a luscious lasagne or, our favourite, meatballs slow-cooked in a tagine with rice or potatoes.

Mellow Mango
Made with roasted orange peppers and home-made mango molasses, this sauce is full of summer fruitiness and is a perfect accompaniment to salmon and chicken. When used as a marinade it slightly caramelises during cooking, or warm through and serve as a sauce.

Aromatic Apple
Perfect as a salad dressing straight from the bottle, this sauce made from roasted green peppers and apple molasses also pairs well with pork and turkey. One happy customer recommends using it to bind and flavour turkey burgers (or a turkey loaf), adding some chunks of fresh apple into the mix!

However you use these sauces, as with all of our products there is no right or wrong…….. the only limit is your imagination!

Fruit & Spice Gourmet Mustards

Like the gourmet sauces, our gourmet mustards also use home-made fruit molasses. Unlike commercial mustards that use a combination of water & vinegar, we do not use water in any of our products. Consequently, the blending of sweet molasses with white balsamic vinegar creates a slightly sticky, but still very spreadable mustard. Perfect for spicing up a humble sandwich or as a delicious accompaniment to your favourite roast dinner.

Our mustards come in three tantalizing flavours -
Pineapple & Paprika, Blueberry & Lemongrass and Apple & Thyme.


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