Our Focaccia bread uses only the best ingredients and there are no artificial flavours or preservatives. We use Canadian flour milled in BC and we source as many of our ingredients as locally as possible.

Focaccia is traditionally a flat Italian bread that is risen three times. The word Focaccia comes from the Latin focus which means centre or fireplace - the bread was traditionally baked on the fireplace in the centre of the home. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is poured into the holes that are dotted on the surface and different flavours make the dough savoury or sweet.

Our artisan bread is a unique twist on this theme. We have incorporated the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and flavours of the Mediterranean into the bread and our three different size loaves make it extremely versatile - everything from the humble sandwich to the perfect pizza! Our customers enjoy dipping the bread into our Balsamic Vinegar Infusions and the crispy crumbs make a delicious stuffing to accompany your favourite roast dinner. We’ve even used it for bread and butter pudding……..as we said - versatile!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil was known in ancient Greece as ‘liquid gold’ and was thought to have magical properties! We now know that this delicious oil is: beneficial to our hearts; it contains valuable antioxidants; it is believed to help lower blood sugar & pressure. Our Olive Oil is from the first cold press of Italian grown olives. The cold olives are pressed one time and no heat or chemicals are used. The oil is therefore pure and retains as many nutrients as possible. Our focaccia is dairy free and suitable for vegetarians & vegans.


Our Focaccia Flavours -

Traditional Olive Oil & Basil
Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar
Roasted Garlic & Italian Herbs
Californian Black Olive
Multigrain Blend with our Essence of the Island Herbs
Roasted Red Pepper

La Dolce Focaccia -

Honey & Sesame
Maple & Cinnamon
Cranberry & Pecan

The above flavours come as a 9” pull-apart round loaf (six buns fused together) or a Pair of 6 ½” loaves (2 separate flavours).
All come individually packaged, ready for eating fresh or freezing - $8.00 each.

These flavours are also available as a selection of six mini Focaccia - $8.00
Olive Oil & Basil
Roasted Garlic and Italian Herbs
Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar

Our other flavours can be baked as mini Focaccia on request and if you require a large amount for your gathering, please contact us for a quote.

During the year we also make speciality breads such as Focaccia Twists & Cornetti.


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